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Our articles cover 5 broad topics when we are writing for The Serverless Edge:

Clarity of Purpose on The Serverless Edge

In your org, how do you prioritise, how do you make a decision on what you should do over something else? How do you establish your Clarity of Purpose?

Wardley Mapping on The Serverless Edge

We show you how to Wardley Map for situational awareness and to reveal shared assumptions being made about a context. And to uncover hints for what strategic options are available.

Serverless First on The Serverless Edge

We encourage your org to be Serverless-First. It means choosing serverless or a managed service first for compute, data, eventing, orchestration, analytics, or monitoring – to reduce operational burden.

Modern Cloud Architecture on The Serverless Edge

By adopting Modern Cloud Architecture your org combines software components that development teams use to build and run scalable cloud-native applications.

Next Generation Org on The Serverless Edge

By becoming a Next Generation Org, you are not seeking to return to the office but are adapting to a more remote world. Distribution of power to where it is needed matters. Teams will often swarm around problems, leadership is transient in nature and leaders will arise to fit the problem.

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